Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This was drawn by my Sunny Day. He loves to sketch and finally last year, we enrolled him for a 3 days course during school holidays. Though it's just 3 short days, I am glad that he managed to picked up the basic of drawing manga.

Here his favourite character SpongeBob and Patrick in their Christmas Suits! It's so pretty and I think no other picture can replace this Christmas Greetings! (from a proud mummy...hee)

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year : )

Meanwhile stay in touch and I will try to reply asap if I can get access to computer.... if not I will reply when kids settle back in school.

Merry Xmas-2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just A While More....

Replying Mails now...will reply all by today before running back to kitchen!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jamie is 2

Jamie's mummy wish to have a Sweet Party and a cupcake stand to display all the pretty cupcakes.

We made a cupcake tier for her with a mix of Hello Kitty, ladybugs, rainbow....

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Jamie Cupcakes - 6 Dec 2009

Jamie Cupcakes Tier - 6 Dec 2009

21st Birthday ...

Happy Birthday VON!

Who's Von? She is the web designer who design the banner with cute little cupakes for me : )

Knew Von years back with her group of friends. The group was 18 back then.. haa haaa

Von designed her own invitation with a red colour theme. All her guests must be in red! No RED NO PARTY!

Happy Birthday Von! Forever 21, Stay Pretty and Stay Cheery!

Red & White Cake - Yvonne - 5 Dec 2009

Red & White Cake - Yvonne - 5 Dec 2009

Red & White Cupcakes - Yvonne - 5 Dec 2009

Red & White Cupcakes - Yvonne - 5 Dec 2009

1st Birthday!

Wishing Brandt A Very Happy Birthday!

1st Birthday - Brandt - 5 Dec 2009


Jonas's mummy invites Pocoyo and friends to Jonas's 1st Party!

Mmm... I make a mistake in the cake. Am so sad about it and Jonas's mummy being very understanding. I THANK her and my sincere apologies.

Have added more stars and deco to the cake but didnt manage to take another set of photo.

Happy Birthday Jonas, Wishing you Happiness Always!

Pocoyo - Jonas - 6 Dec 2009

Pocoyo - Jonas - 6 Dec 2009

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jayden is 2!

A Jungle Theme for Jayden too! Oops... RP didn't Zoom in to show the banana! Haa haa...

Thank You Jayden's mummy for the sms! Glad u and family like the cake : )

Wishing Little Jayden a very Happy Birthday!

Jungle Theme - Jayden - 3 Dec 2009

Celebration In Jungle!

Atticus celebrating his birthday with lots of friends and cute little monkeys, elephants, zebras... here's the gang!

So glad to receive sms from Atticus's mummy that she likes the cupcakes : )

Happy Birthday Atticus! Wishing you Happiness Always!

Jungle Theme Cupcakes - Atticus - 2 Dec 2009

Jungle Theme Cupcakes - Atticus - 2 Dec 2009

Jungle Theme Cupcakes - Atticus - 2 Dec 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Soon..

Dear All,

We are fully packed for this year and my Little Oven is screaming for a rest!

Thank You so much for your enquiry and my Sincere Apologies for enquiries that I can't fulfill.

Am Looking Forward to 2010!



Tuesday, December 1, 2009



November is a busy month! Every weekend we will have lots of Birthday to attend!

Am rushing around every wkend to attend parties!

This Fruit Cake is for grandma, my kids great grandmother! Wishing Ah Ma 身体健康!

Vanilla Sponge with Strawberries! R2 help to decorate the cake and she had a Great Time!

Great Grandma Cake-28 Nov 2009

Great Grandma Cake-28 Nov 2009

Vegan Cake!

Vegan = No Eggs, No Milk, No Butter!

Vegan Mango Cake - 20 Nov 2009

Vegan Mango Cake - 20 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Maurice!

Mrs Hong 4th cake this year : ) This time is for Mr Hong's Birthday!

She would like something to have family members in the cake... something I did for her cupcakes but diff style.

So I create this Little Home with a tag having their family name!

Happy Birthday Mr Hong! Wishing you and family Happiness Always!

House - Maurice - 25 Nov 2009

House - Maurice - 25 Nov 2009

Prince's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kier!

Kier's mummy planning 1st Birthday Party! She likes me to mould Little Kier and 哥哥Seth ... cars for them to play too!

I have did some adjustment to the cake... having Seth's name on the car etc but didn't retake as running out of time!

Happy Birthday Kier!

Prince - Kier - 28 Nov2009

Natalie is 5!

Only Chocolate!

No Yellow!

This is what Princess Natalie wants for her cupcakes, lots of pink, purple, green for grass.

Happy Birthday Princess Natalie!

Princess Cupcakes - Natalie - 28 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah's mummy invites Little Einsteins to her party.

Such a coincidence that I know Sarah's Godma!

Wishing Sarah Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!

Little Einstein - Sarah - 28 Nov 2009


A Sweet 21st Birthday...

Janet been my very supportive friend! She had tried my worst and better cake : )

So sweet of her to arrange a surprise for Sharon 21st Birthday.

She wants something sweet and classic looking.

We work out chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream with lots of pearl for decoration.

Happy Birthday Sharon!

21st Birthday - SharonCharles - 28 Nov 2009


Happy Birthday Brayden!

Brayden's mummy invites Sesame Street to Brayden's 1st Party!

Little Brayden will be in his Best wearing Red Shirt and Black Short with his special friend, ELMO!

Happy Birthday Brayden!



Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just before I had my youngest I was busy with this Baby named
Little Production Hse...

Am clearing all stocks out!

Mmm.. I not sure how should I post them up. Below are some of the picture of products. Please email me at chineetan@hotmail.com : ) I have alot more items!

Great Craft Items if you have a Theme Party! Jungle Theme? Let the kids have some fun pasting the crafts up!

Garden Party for Little Girls? I like the Little Bugs alot... am keeping some for R2 n R3 parties but the rest of the bugs got to GO!

Price per pc about $2 - $3 depending on the design : )
lph_craft monkey lph_craft bee01
lph_craft bugs lph_craft lady bugs

Having a Night party? Make a Candle Light Holder! I don't have much of this left. Probably less then 20.
lph_craft candle

Hand Puppets! Suitable for Jungle Theme Party! I still have most of the animals but some animals are running low. Hand Puppets are able to fit in Daddy and Mummy's hand.

3 for $12!
lph_animal puppets

Mini Picture Me Book! They are palm size big and simply slot in yr little one photo!
Each at $3.50!
lph_xmas bookslph_xmas bookslph_xmas books

Junior Classic! Total of 8 titles. Full set of 8 titles - $16 (UP$5.90/book)
Heidi . WhiteFang . Robinson Crusoe . Treasure Island
Tom Sawyer . Robin Hood . Pocahontas . Gulliver's Travels
lph_junior classic lph_junior classic

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sunshine!

Ryan=R1 is a December baby.

December is school holiday period and he don't have a chance to celebrate his birthday in school/friends as everyone away from school or for holiday during the festive period.

SO this year we decide to celebrate early for him this year.... he invited some of his friends over and we had a mini party.

He does not want any decorations, just his name and a candle to represent he is 10. Oops.. yes I just discovered more white hair :P

No need text of "Happy Birthday" too! Just simple with his favourite choice of Chocolate Cake Sponge with Oreo Cream Cheese.

Happy Birthday Sunny Day : )

Oreo Cheese Cake - Ryan - 21 Nov 2009

Oreo Cheese Cake - Ryan - 21 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Jaxine!

Princess Jaxine 1st Birthday Party!

She is a sweet little girl and I had a great time moulding her with 哥哥和姐姐.

Happy Birthday Little Jaxine!

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden!

Mmm... I have never seen this cartoon before!

Probably R1 and R2 already passed the baby stage and R3 is not keen on TV programme...

I went online to search for informationon them... the characters are cute. Hee... especially the 3 dolls standing together.

Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope you like the cake : )

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

Hello Kitty House

Time flies and this is the 2nd time I bake for Little Jelaine : )

Jelaine's mummy hands me her collection of Hello Kitty and we design to have a Little Cute House for Jelaine 4th Birthday Cake.

Happy Birthday Jelaine : ) Wishing You Happiness and Cheery Always!

Hello Kitty - Jadline - 19 Nov 2009

Hello Kitty - Jadline - 19 Nov 2009

Ben 10 Cupcakes!

Ben 10 cupcakes for Keshawn! Happy Birthday!

Ben10 Cupcakes - 19 Nov 2009