Saturday, December 24, 2011

Care Bear Shines!

Care Bear_Charlotte_Nov2011, Care Bear_Charlotte_Nov2011 CareBear_Charlotte_Nov2011, CareBear_Charlotte_Nov2011


Wedding Cupcakes specially for L&S...

WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011, WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011 WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011, WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011 WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011, WeddingCupakes_L&S_Dec2011


I usually would take some photos before collection, however I didn't managed to do so for this batch of wedding cupcakes. The couple didn't manage to take photos too as someone has "stolen" their couple cupcakes while at display during the reception! No photos of the cupcakes too :( So I thought it would be nice to have a set of dolls for keeping. This is the couple I moulded with clay and can be kept for a long long time. Congratulations! Wishing you Happiness Always!

ClayDolls_26Nov2011, ClayDolls_26Nov2011

Sweetie Pie

A challenging cake that requires alot of moulding... Am glad it turn out well and YuQi's mummy has not problem setting in the design with fresh cream cake. Thank you for having me to bake again. Happy Birthday and Happiness Always! IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011, IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011 IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011, IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011 IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011, IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011 IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011, IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011 IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011, IamOne_Yuqi_Nov2011

21st Birthday

Happy Birthday Amanda! Wishing you happines Always : )

21stTiffany_Amanda_Nov2011, 21stTiffany_Amanda_Nov2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear All,

Glad 2011 is coming to an end... 

Thank you very much for enquiries and I am afraid there are some days I can't bake.

No celebration and baking of Chinese New Year Cookies this coming New Year.

It was sudden and I need sometime to settle down.

Seek your kind understanding while waiting for replies.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Princess Jelaine

Princess Cupcakes_Jelaine_Nov2011, Princess Cupcakes_Jelaine_Nov2011 Princess Cupcakes_Jelaine_Nov2011, Princess Cupcakes_Jelaine_Nov2011 Cookies_Jelaine_Nov2011, Cookies_Jelaine_Nov2011


Pocoyo Cupcakes_Ethan_Nov2011, Pocoyo Cupcakes_Ethan_Nov2011


R3 asked me... Mum, where is the horse? Errr.... Am a happy mum, as she recongise the rhymes : ) Happy Birthday, Nessa!
Nursery Rhymes_Nessa_Nov2011, Nursery Rhymes_Nessa_Nov2011 Nursery Rhymes_Nessa_Nov2011, Nursery Rhymes_Nessa_Nov2011


I love the refreshing colour of this cake : ) Thank you C&C's mummy for having me to bake again for your little girls! Really appreciate.

Fairy Princess Cake_Charlene_Nov2011, Fairy Princess Cake_Charlene_Nov2011 Fairy Princess Cake_Charlene_Nov2011, Fairy Princess Cake_Charlene_Nov2011

Princess Paige

PrincessCake_Paige_Nov2011, PrincessCake_Paige_Nov2011

Wedding Cupcakes

WeddingCupcakes-Liying-Oct2011, WeddingCupcakes-Liying-Oct2011

A Beautiful Wedding...

J&S Wedding Cake_Nov201, J&S Wedding Cake_Nov201 J&S Wedding Cake_Nov201, J&S Wedding Cake_Nov201

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Specially for Gennis...

1 Month plus back... our family has a new addition : )

Baby Gennis! She is my darling little niece.

Cupcakes for our precious.



Gennis Foo Full Month

Red Eggs

Basket of Red Eggs




A Romantic Wedding..

Thank you C for having me to bake for your special day!

Wishing you happiness always : )





Thursday, August 18, 2011


A Gift Box specially prepared for Naomi's Full Month Celebration!



Happy Birthday Marcus!

Thank you HY for entrusting me with Marcus's cake!

Glad you had a pleasant surprise! ha ha : )

I do very much wish to catch up with you guys very soon. Let's hope Month of September comes quickly and pass smoonthly...

Wishing Marcus 天天开心!


Little cupcakes for Little Friends in School