Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas...

Gift in box...



Gingerbread man in box

Fruit Cake

Cookies waiting to get dress!

Lemon Crisp Cookies

Cookies with fondant snow flake : )


A Blue & Silver Wedding ...

Congratulations! This is for a very sweet looking bride : )

P would like to have the cake simple and elegant.

Thank you P for having me to bake for your special day and you look really beautiful!

Wishing J&P Happiness Always!



Happy Birthday Isabel!

Isabel's mummy would like to have a sweet looking cake with touches of Isabel's favourite.

We have a 3 tier cake with 3 main colours, pink, yellow and lilac. Glad that the colour bind in well with many jumping squirrels : )

Wishing Isabel's Happiness Always!



I am in Pink...

A simple and sweet looking cake for hubby's colleague.

Wishing Boon & Sum Happiness Always!

Look at the name! They are in gold and can be eaten! The flowers are with touch of shimmery effect. Can u see them? Hee... I gotten a new toy recently.. Thank you, Lee for sharing with me how useful this toy can be. This toy can allows me to play with more colours : )


At The Circus!

Did a similar design few months back...

The Circus Theme, love the cheery and bright colours, they looked great in photo :)


Animal Theme

Jayden's mummy emailed me the banner, colour scheme etc for Jayden's 1st Birthday.

The materials are all so beautiful created by Jayden's auntie.

I like the clean and simple looking of animals and glad to be part of the party : )


Luke is 3

Mmmm.. This is Pororo? Luke's mummy hope to have the characters on each cupcake for kids at school.

The cupcakes are the smallers ones and images are edible!


The 3 pins are getting ready for Luke to knock them down! Hope he had a Great time playing with the cake : )


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

We are back!

I have replied all emails and please do email me again if you have not received my reply. My sincere apologies to say no for many request, I really appreciate : )

Am now busy with my kids and some work commitment.. Next year 2011 is going to be a important year for my eldest, boy. Though I can't guide in much in his work but hope to spend more time with him, taking more care preparing meals etc. My No. 2 as usual is the little angel helping me around at home : ) My youngest little monster is going pre nursery next yr! Yippie! That meant more time??? I hope so : )

Meanwhile I am working out the timing on dates for 2011 and do stay in touch. Looking forward to end of Oct 2011 and come back with more nice bakes!

Just before end of 2010, this is going to be my LAST baking slot, CHRISTMAS COOKIES!

Collection to be on 20 Dec after 4pm - 22 Dec. All freshly bake, lemon butter cookies, cut out round shapes with fondant cut out designs!

Email me for more info k....


chi nee

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Candy Land!

A very sweet looking cake for a sweet sweet girl : )


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Kitty!

Thank you so much Abrielle's mummy for emailing me the cake and cupcakes pic taken at the party.

I could feel the happy occasion with the photo : ) It's always so diff for me to take at home and at the actual celebration location. The HAPPY mode is ON at the party!

Here's the Hello Kitty Cake! Abrielle's mummy had collected some figurines and we placed them almost all onto the cake!

Wishing Abrielle Happiness Always!


Hello Kity Cake & Cupcakes

Perfect 10!

Perfect 10 Friendship!

So sweet of Pauline to have order the cupcakes for her Perfect Friend : )

It's really last minute and am happy to do so since I am baking another batch for another mummy. They are simple moulding and glad to hear Pauline and Friend likes them.

Cheers to 10.10.10 Friendship!

Perfect 10 Cupcakes

SpongeBob and Friends!

Oops! This cake was bake and deco long long ago ...

Evan turns 1! I enjoyed moulding the Spongebob and other characters... They are my Sunshine's favourite characters before. They are still his favourite cartoons though watching lesser and spending more time on his computers!!!

I baked and moulded many cupcakes too but as usual didn't take pic! Maybe the next time...



Pretty Sisters!

Aria and Naia's birthday are pretty near each other and I am very happy to be able to bake for the pretty sisters : )

Aria and Naia's mummy emailed me some picture and wish to have diff position, hair style to beautify the cake.

Am glad there turn out pretty and glad they like it.




Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's Go!

A cake with buses and cars : )

Bus Cake

Bus Cake


So sweet... Mandy's friend ordered a cake for her Piggy Birthday Celebration : )

Piggies Cake-Mandy

Hungry Caterpillar!

I enjoyed alot moulding Xue Le's cake. In fact I was excited to know the theme will be on Hungry Capterpillar!

Glad to know Xue Le's Daddy and Mummy likes the cake : )

Stay in touch!

Hungry Caterpillar - Xue Le

Hello Kitty!

A party with Hello Kitty and Friends!

Hello Kitty Cake -


My v v v late posting.

Chermaine 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Cars - Chermaine

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caleb is 4!

Caleb has slightly long hair now and he looks really good : )

Thank you Caleb's mummy and daddy coming late to pick up the cake and cupcakes!

I was so busy with baking, moulding and with my hubby's help we quickly pack the cupcakes up into the little containers, simply no time to take photo : (

Glad you guys like the cake and many thanks for sharing the photo with me!

Wishing Caleb Happiness Always!

Ben10 Cupcakes - Caleb

Batman Cake - Caleb

Hi 5

Times flies and Ashleigh is 4!

Last year Ashleigh had a Pink Party! This year we have a Hi5 Theme cake with lots of stars and bright cheery colours.

I moulded little Ashleigh's hair up as the photo and hope she likes it!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Errr.... am not sure what's the name for this little purple creature!

Must check with R1 and R2 again for it's name. This little purple creature is Amanda's favourite character in Pokemon.

Amanda's mummy brought along the little soft toy and I managed to take a picture of it. This little purple creature supposed to have 5 leaves and am so glad there managed to "stand" well on the head : )

Wishing Amanda a very Happy Birthday!


Sailor Moon...

These few photos posted now was baked few weeks back, I was so busy in kitchen and with kids. Finally have my hand on the computer....

I baked these cake and cupcakes in September, Amelie's mummy made the bunting for the boat and hand it to me to afix into the boat. Her work is so neat and materials selected was just perfect to suit her theme : )

Amelie's mummy selected few design for her cupcakes and they are stunning with the just white, red and blue.

Thank your Amelie's mummy for sharing with me her photos and wishing Amelie's happiness always!




Doraemon Theme for Ziqing!

Wishing Ziqing Happiness Always : )


Toy Story

Verine is 4!

Verine's mummy found almost all the characters for Toy Story! She had even the "baby" : )

Happy Birthday Verine!

Toy Story-Verine-5Sept2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh Cream Cake!

Jayden's mummy will always let me know her thought for her kid's cake.

I would then got to crack my head hoping to achieve what she likes to have. This time we have a vanilla sponge with strawberry filling! I decorated with marshmallow, strawberries and donuts!


Happy Birthday Esther! Mini Cookies around Cookie Monster!
Esther Ang - Cookies Monster Cake

I finally got the pic of Janelle's Cake! The top tier is a fondant cake and below is fresh cream cake!
Precious Moment - Janelle - 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Toy Room...

It's play time for Aylwin! He has his favourite toys and balls on his cake.

Happy Birthday Alylwin : )



Toy Story!

Specially for Zenden!

Ran out of ideas! Was scratching my head for this theme! Something bright and cheery!

Mmm... let's have sweets and lots of them! I understand from Zenden's mother the cupcakes are too small (err....) and all eaten up! Though we have cater much more cupcakes for the class, the teachers have to give up their share for kids asking for 2nd helping : )

Happy Birthday Zenden!

Toy Story3 Cupcakes - Zenden - 28August2010

Toy Story3 Cupcakes - Zenden - 28August2010

Happy Birthday!

A Grand Party for Raeann!

R Cookies

Monday, September 6, 2010


Has been very tiring for past few weeks. I stayed in the kitchen longer then in my bedroom...

It's school holiday now and the kids are not going to school this wk! : )

I am taking few days break in between, hoping to recharge my energy level.

I fulfilled many last minute request and result pending many design + emails to reply : (

Really appreciate your kind understanding.. Am just a mummy who bakes, I enjoyed every moment decorating the cakes, though sometimes I do hope to have more time lazing on the couch watching TV on a Friday nite.

Thur - Sat are the crazy few days for me! Baking, Baking and decorating for collection on Fri and Sat. Sunday is the day for cleaning up, preparing the kids for school (AGAIN), laundry to wash, packing etc etc... before the week starts again.

O.. I have been moulding bunnies! Lots of them, I dreamt of them even while sleeping too!

Thank you Princess Cate's mummy to have me bake for Cate 1st Month Celebration! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to work out a nice box for the cupcakes! I have been wanting to do so.. but laziness! HaHaa... am glad the boxes fit well, with tag and the pretty ribbon : )

Not forgetting Princess Cate's sister, Cara celebrating her 3rd birthday! We were hoping to find Dora dressing in Hawaii Theme, I remembered seeing them all around and volunteer to buy for Princess Cara! I am WRONG! Went every departmental store in East from Parkway to Tampines, no stocks :P. When u need it, u can't find it!

Best wishes to Princess Cate and Wishing Princess Cara Happiness Always!