Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have been baking cookies....

Simply no time to take photographs especially it's during the June holiday period where my 3Rs are all at home.

Here's are some cookies to share : )

Icing Cookies-Yu-23Jun2010



Ju En..

Spoke to Ju En's mummy few monthS back!

We started working on the size, colour etc for her little Princess Ju En.

The cake is to have pastel colour, simple and classic looking. I add in this flower with pearls to enhance on Ju En cake... hoping it can add in little touches to the cake.

Happy Birthday Ju En!



Princess Zi Ning!

I saw Princess Zi Ning's pic in my FB and she is so cute!

Zi Ning's mummy likes to have a sweet looking cake with cheery colours and some cupcakes to feed her big group of guests! : )

Wishing Zi Ning's a very Happy Birthday!


Thomas and Friends!

Ryan is 5!

He is having Thomas and Friends for his party! I have lots of trains to select from and glad to have a colourful and cheery cake for Ryan.

Wishing Ryan a very Happy Birthday!

Thomas The Train-Ryan-26Jun2010

Aden is 4!

He is celebrating with Ryan! A Ben 10 cake for little Aden.

Wishing Aden a very Happy 4th birthday!


Pretty Cupakes...

A Surprise to Cheryl by her colleagues!

I received the photo from Cheryl's colloagues and quickly position it and have the little fine imprint for the cupcakes.

The imprint mould are new and they are so pretty : ) so glad to have a chance to start using!

Wishing Cheryl a very Happy Birthday!



Princess Ophelia

We have cake, cupcake and cookies as party packs for Princess Ophelia.

Happy Birthday Princess Ophelia!


Father's Day

Thank you Min for having me to bake for Father's Day for her hubby!

Glad u and hubby likes the cake : )

Wishing you and family happiness always!



Sweetie Pie...

Zhi Qi's mummy having a sweet sweet theme for little Zhi Qi 1st birthday : )

A 8" + 6" cake with Pink Colour theme.

Wishing Zhi Qi a very Happy Birthday!

1st Birthday-Zhi Qi-19Jun2010

Zhi Qi's mummy so sweet to prepare 3 cupcakes for her sis and friend celebrating in the same month.

Special Cupcakes

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pinata Cake

I make this cake abt 1 month back for little Kirsten...

This is not just a cake.. It's a Pinata Cake! The top tier is a mould which you can "knock" and sweets will fall out! Isn't that exciting! : )

What is a party without cake? No worries, the bottom tier is a cake...

So this is Pinata + Cake = to a Pinata Cake

Thank you so much Kirsten's mum for having me to bake this special cake.
Thank you for giving me this chance to explore.

I had a challenging time getting the mould out and I enjoyed it!

Wishing Kirsten Happiness Always!


Pink and Purple...

Germaine's mummy spoke to me on what she likes and leave me to decorate little Germaine's cake.

Mmm... Germaine likes pink and purple so we have lots of the colour. Here's the new colour we had! It's turn out pretty and sweet : )

Thank you Germaine's mummy entrusting me with the design and glad to have the smses from you! It's very encouraging!

Wishing Germaine a very Happy Birthday and Pretty Always!


Sweetie Pie..

A sweet and gentle cake for little Amanda....

Wishing little Amanda a very Happy Birthday!


1st Birthday!

After many rounds of discussion, Jayes's mummy has settled for a simple and yet stunning cake with bright colour scheme.

The cake is simple with few colours and yet look great under the camera .

Thank you Jayes's mummy for having me to bake, am so glad you and family likes the cake : )

Wishing Jayes a very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!

oops... I have change the "BAH" to a light blue :)


Moo Moo...

Many Moo Moo Cows around recently : )
Here's a cut out number 1 for little Rychelle.
Little Rychelle's mummy like the cake to be bright and cheery and we have mix in some new striking purple : )
Wishing Rychelle a very Happy Birthday!

Word World...

This is my 1st attempt to work on Word World...
Thank you Lauryn's mummy for having me to bake for Lauryn 4th birthday!
Wishing Lauryn Happiness Always!