Monday, July 26, 2010

Princess Gwenn

Gwenn's mummy emailed me weeks in advance to prepare for Princess Gwenn 1st Birthday Party.

We are going to have pink and sweet party for the special occassion.

With lots of little white and pink flowers we have this sweet looking cake for Princess Gwenn.

Wishing Princess Gwenn a very Happy Birthday!



Emma-Claire's daddy and mummy has arranged for a Great Party for her 1st Birthday!

She is having 2 cakes on the same day : )

A simple and classic looking cake with lots of pearls, ribbon and flower to beautify the cake.

Thank you Emma-Claire's mummy emailing me the photo to share with me your joy.

Wishing little Emma-Claire Happiness Always!



QuiltCake-EmmaClaire-24July2010 QuiltCake-EmmaClaire-24July2010

Ryan is 4!

Thank you Ryan's mummy for having me to bake for Little Ryan again :)
This year we have Handy Mandy and Little Einsteins!
Happy Birthday Ryan!
Little EinsteinCupcakes-Ryan-18July2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nathan is 1

A 1st Year Old Birthday Cake showing the stages of little Nathan. What he likes and some of his favourite toys.
Thank you JK & SL for coming so late to collect the cake and glad you guys like the cake!
Wishing Little Nathan a very Happy Birthday!
Iam1-Nathan-17July2010 Iam1-Nathan-17July2010

I Love Ladybug!

Happy Birthday Alexis!

21st Birthday!

Wishing Johnathan a Very Happy Birthday!



A Gift Specially for Tammy...


Under The Sea....

Happy Birthday Andre!

Made Stingray, turtle, crabs.... a underwater theme for Little Andre!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Animal Mechanics!

Zachary turns 3!

I moulded the 5 characters.. err... hope Zachary can recognise them : )

Wishing Zachary a very Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Darius is 1!

A simple and classic looking cake for Little Darius.

Wishing Darius a very Happy Birthday!


Specially from YC...

So sweet of YC to prepare cupcakes for her colleagues : )

These are the cupcakes with personalised of individual name.


Happy Family!

I received a call from Aaron's mummy on the very same day!

Was so surprised to have her calling as mummies would usually be busy with partying etc etc..

Thank you so much for your call Aaron's mummy! Glad you like the cake!

I added more items on the cake... didnt manage to take pic :P with the addition.

Wishing Little Aaron Happiness Always!



Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Anniversary...

I have not work on wedding theme for a while...

This is a special order for J's parents. A 50th Wedding Anniversay! Am so glad to be part of this wonderful celebration : )

I met Auntie Lucie few weeks back, she is so jovial and wish to have the cupcakes to be colourful and attractive.

Spent sometime preparing the tiers, tagging the little bright pink stubs... glad there turn out quite pretty.

Wishing Uncle William and Auntie Lucie Happiness Always! Happy 50th Anniversay!

50thWedding-W&L-3July2010 Photobucket
50thWedding-W&L-3July2010 50thWedding-W&L-3July2010

Princess Amanda!

Happy Birthday Princess Amanda!
Wishing you Happiness Always : )
Cookies with Tag


We bake a cake and some cookies for Alena.

White colour base cake with lots of stars in purple, white and hot hot pink!

Forgotten to take pic of the cookies... we have it in a big heart and cut out fondant star with imprint of name : )

Happy 10th Birthday Alena!


Bamm Bamm...

When Joash's mummy emailed me on her theme, I thought how exciting to do Bamm Bamm... afterall I watch this cartoon since young. Haa haaa..
The cake is simple and with attractive colours like orange and yellow... touches of green : )
Happy Birthday Joash!


A simple cake with Thomas.

Happy Birthday Issac!