Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Celesta!

Celesta turns 1!

Princess Celesta's mummy planned for a Grand Party and started months of preparation! With all the preparations, selection, decision this is the final presentation of Celesta's cake!

Wishing Princess Celesta Happiness Always!


Winnie The Pooh-Celesta-23Jan2010

Winnie The Pooh-Celesta-23Jan2010

Thomas The Train!

I did Joshua's cake 1 year back : )

Joshua's daddy and mummy is easy going and allows me to create Joshua's cake with Thomas The Train! Thanks G and J!

I added a sun to his cake, wishing Joshua would Shine Brightly and Happiness Always!

*Aiya, forgotten to take picture of the cookies! :P



Princess Clarisse!

Clarisse turns 1

Wishing Princess Clarisse A Very Happy Birthday!


Princess Clarrise has lots of friends to celebrate her special day, Clarrisa's mummy had some cupcakes too!



Kerryn's favourite character is DORA. Kerryn's mummy has Dora to celebrate her birthday!

Happy Birthday Kerryn, Wishing You Happiness Always!


Taking a while ....

I am slow recently....

Busy with kids, baking, moulding, new goodies ...

Am fully scheduled for Month of Feb.

No room for Fresh Cream Cake for Month of Feb - April.

Meanwhile... Please bear with me and I shall get back : )



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet 21st...

Happy Birthday Alicia!

21st Cake-Alicia-16Jan2010

Marcel is 1!

Happy Birthday Marcel! Wishing you Happiness Always!


Posche is 4!

This is so sweet...

I love the strawberries! Posche's mummy is so nice to have me work on a suitable design for Posche. We decide on Strawberry Shortcake and sweet sweet flowers + strawberries to deco the cake, so glad that Posche's mummy like the cake : )

Happy Birthday Posche!


Princess Luanne

Luanne turns 2 and she loves Barney!

So we have a Princess with Barney and friend. Wishing Luanne A Very Happy Birthday!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Was a busy December and finally able to do some postings : )

Christmas - Boxes 2009

Christmas 16 Cupcakes - Dec 2009

Christmas 06 Cupcakes - Dec 2009

Specially for Summer!

Happy Birthday Summer!

Princess Cake - Summer - 25 Dec 2009

Princess Cake - Summer - 25 Dec 2009


Specially for Jagdeep!

Football - Jagdeep - 24 Dec 2009

Specially for Pauline...

A SURPRISE! So sweet of Pauline's colleague arranged for a cake specially for her : )

Here's the cake with mermaid.

Mermaid - Pauline - 24 Dec 2009

Mermaid - Pauline - 24 Dec 2009

Pauline had a Christmas's cake for her home celebration...

Christmas Cake - Pauline - 24 Dec 2009

Christmas Cake - Pauline - 24 Dec 2009

Specially for Priness Shavaun!

Happy Birthday Princess Shavaun!

Princess Cake - Shavaun - 22 Dec 2009


Princess Cake - Shavaun - 22 Dec 2009

Princess Ashlynne ...

Happy Birthday Princess Ashlynne!

Princess Cake - Ashlynne - 20 Dec 2009

Princess Cake - Ashlynne - 20 Dec 2009

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

Little Ezekiel Celebrates his 2th birthday wit Doraemon!

Doraemon - Ezekiel - 20 Dec 2009

1st Month Celebration!`


Little Phoebe is celebrating her 满月!

1st Month - Phoebe - 20 Dec 2009

Specially for Dechen...

Happy Birthday Dechen Wangmo!

Barney Cake - Dechen - Dec 2009

Ben10 Cake

Happy Birthday Isacc!

Oops! I didnt take photo with Ben10 on...

Ben 10 - Isaac - Dec 2009


Micah's mummy birthday theme has lots of stars!

Here's the Cake with Stars!

Stars - Micah - Dec 2009

Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Phoebe's Aunt M emailed me and would like to have a cake for family celebration : )

She told me what are the designs she likes to have and left it for me to re-create.

Glad she and family like the design : )

Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Phoebe - Dec 2009

Little Prince ...

Happy Birthday Brennon!

This is a 3 tier cake with 4 castle for Little Prince Brennon... it's really heavy and am glad that Brennon's mummy likes the cake : )

Little Prince Cake - Brennon - Dec 2009

Little Prince Cake - Brennon - Dec 2009

A SURPRISE! Specially arranged by Brennon's mummy...
Wedding Anniversary - Dec 2009

Mason 1st Birthday!

No. 1 Cake - Mason - Dec 2009

Brendan 1st Birhday!

No. 1 Cake - Brendan - Dec 2009

No. 1 Cake - Brendan - Dec 2009

Happy Birthday Wen Si!

Little Mermaid for Wen Si 8th Birthday!

Little Mermaid - WenSi - Dec 2009

Little Mermaid - WenSi - Dec 2009