Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Taking a break now...

Meanwhile I am trying to achieve the following..

Lots of EMAILS to reply ...
Lots of baking items to clean ...
Lots of paper to clear...
Lots of planning to do...
Lots of things to keep in place ...
Lots of photos to post in blog : )

The Most Important Misson Possible is to Feed and Serve my R1 well to equip him for his year end examinations.

Am looking for a Eng, Science n Math Tutor. Anyone? Location at Bedok, I will feed you cupcakes everytime you come... Haa Haa

Thank you for many friends and mummies for your kind patience. Am replying emails now and hope by today I can finished them all.

: ) nee

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday October Babies!

For Piggies's birthday in Month of October!

My R3 is also a piggy : ) she is turning 2 soon too...

Here's the Farm Theme with Piggies rolling abt!

Animal Farm - October Babies - 21 September 2009

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa's mummy has gotten a Noddy in his car to place on her birthday cake : )

Its' a 8 + 6" chocolate + orange sponge cake.

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Noddy - Alyssa - 21 September 2009

Noddy - Alyssa - 21 September 2009

Happy Birthday TK!

I did this cake last week and didnt have the time to post... Here's the long story.

TK's mummy called me 1 fine day and told me what she has in mind for TK 1st Birthday.

In the conversation, she told me that she has a long list of items to mould and got to be clay as she want to keep the items for TK. Sound interesting and I look forward to her email.

When I received THE email from TK's mummy, I almost dropped from my chair.

Is was such a detailed email, with the long listing of items to be mould. She would like to have a "STAR" shape main cake with clay on top to display and cupcakes to "THANK" her relatives and friends.

We work on Fresh Cream Cake to suits Relatives taste bub, Fondant cake to place the clay items, cupcakes as gift to relatives. I took out all my tins, measure the size.... confirming the size.. etc etc etc

TK's mummy is so detailed, she recorded down what TK likes, his 1st word, 1st bottle etc etc... with this hardworking and lovely mummy, I accepted the challenge. She took photo of all the items piece by piece and post up for me to view and I try to mould them out as close as possible.

When I was packing her items, I count n count, check and check... its like packing for a trip to BBQ! So many boxes and bags...

We didnt take alot of pictures as RP is also helping me to check on the names, packing them in proper place etc etc....

Am looking forward to see more pictures from TK's mummy.

Happy Birthday TK! You have the BEST in the world, yr Mummy and Daddy!

Clay Cake - TK - 20 September 2009

Clay Cake - TK - 20 September 2009

Clay Cake - TK - 20 September 2009

Thank U Cupcakes - TK - 20 September 2009

Thank U Cupcakes - TK - 20 September 2009

Thank U Cupcakes - TK - 20 September 2009

Strawberry Shortcake for Ashleigh!

Happy Birthday Ashleigh!

Ashleigh loves Pink, anything in Pink, so everyone must wear PINK to her party!

I worn a pink shirt and shorts while baking too : P

Here's her Pink Cake, Vanilla Sponge with Strawberry filling on a PINK table cloth.


Strawberry Shortcake - Ashleigh - 20 September 2009


Wishing Kai Yeow and Hui Min, Happiness Always and Many Sweet Memories.

Kai Yeow and Hui Min planned for a sweet and romantic wedding. Their colour theme is Baby Pink and White...

We discussed months ago and decided on design... last Friday, with my aunts help, we managed to bake and decorated the wedding cupcakes for their special day :)

Wedding Cupcakes - KaiYeow& HuiMin - 19 September 2009

Wedding Cupcakes - KaiYeow& HuiMin - 19 September 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Specially for Rachel..

Happy Birthday Princess Rachel...

Princess - Rachel - 19 September 2009

Princess - Rachel - 19 September 2009

Spongebob for Kenneth!

Spongebob Square Pant! Kenneth's favourite characters in the sea!

SBSP also R1 favourite : ) He was excited to guide me along with the modelling...

Spongebob -  Ken - 18 September 2009

Spongebob -  Ken - 18 September 2009

Sweet Memories...

Dal specially have some cupcakes for their special day...

1st Anniversay - Lucas&Dal - 18 September 2009

1st Anniversay - Lucas&Dal - 18 September 2009

From Ben 10 to Batman!

Adam had a Ben 10 cake and now its Batman!

Batman - Adam - 18 September 2009

Happy Birthday Asher!

Thomas The Train for Asher!

Wait har... Auntie will find the painting Train for you to play with Aron : )

Thomas - Asher - 17 September2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Specially for Grandma!

This request came in very very late.. however has a special meaning.

It's a surprise for a Grandma celebrating her 87th birthday!

The very same night I quickly prepare another set of fondant to get ready for moulding for the special occassion.

Aunty A let me decide on the design and to have a bright, cheery cake :)

Here is Grandma's cake.

This reminds me that 3Rs Great GrandmotherS having their Birthday Celebration soon.
Mmmm.. what shall we have?




Chocolate Chip Cookies!

R2 been reminding me about her Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Today's the last day of school holidays and for the past 7 days, everyday morning R2 would ask for her Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Where's my Order? She asked...

Bb... Chocolate Chips for you : )

Choc Chip Cookies - 12Sept2009

Choc Chip Cookies - 12Sept2009

Where's Ben 10!



Where is Ben10? All packed, at party with Adam now!

Happy 4th Birthday Adam!


Happy 10th Birthday Keith!

Keith's Mummy thinking of few theme for Keith's birthday...

This is a difficult age to decide what to have :P

Since few months back after deciding the theme Doraemon, I have been looking out for Doraemon items! I found the Candy Topper for Keith's cupcakes but again I forgotten to take the cupcakes! : (

Here's Keith's Doraemon 8" Vanilla Sponge with Oreo Filling.



Princess Clelia

Clelia's mummy been in contact with me since months ago : )

Princess Clelia is having a GREAT party and am so happy to be part of the celebration/

Happy Birthday Princess Clelia : )

Princess Castle - Cleclia - 12Sept2009

Princess Castle - Cleclia - 12Sept2009

Princess Chang En!

I made a mistake with Chang En's cake : (

Thank you, Chang En's mummy for her kind understanding and glad I managed to amend the cake ready for celebration : )

Here's Princess Chang En's Cake!



Princess Reanne...

Princess Reanne's Mummy wants to have a Sweet Looking cake...

I enjoyed moulding the Little Doll... with long wavy hair and a Pink Tiara : )



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bear Bear Wedding...

Received these photos from Jinliang and Kate few weeks back...

Did the deco of cupcake tiers with bears and flowers : )

Kate Wedding

Kate Wedding

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting Ready for F1!

Liam's Aunty emailed me the pic of F1 car to get this cake ready for Liam's 9th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Liam!

F1 Car - Liam - 6Sept2009

Specially for SAM!

Happy Birthday! Alaric's Daddy = Sam!

Loving wife = Alaric's Mummy arranged a Surprise Party for SAM!

Think my beer looks FAT! O dear, think need to go slimming program!

Hope Sam and family likes the cake. Wishing the Goh's family happiness and many sweet moments : )

Beer Can - Sam - 5Sept2009


Specially for Derek!

A surprise for Derek. Hope he will like it : )

7" Chocolate Cake with touch of Orange.

Soccer - Derek 21st - 6Sept2009

Soccer - Derek 21st - 6Sept2009

Happy Teacher's Day

This is a late posting...

It was a exciting and tiring during the Teacher's Day week. Am glad that I have some angels to help me through : )

My hands are now recovering (from aching) and getting ready for the next major event : )

I Thank many friends and everyone been so kind and patience to await for my email...

It's school holiday this week and I hope to give my 3Rs some time and am now back to normal routine.

Stay in touch : )


HappyTeachersDay - 1Sept2009

Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lennard 1st Month Celebration

I bake for Lennard's sister few months back and now is for Lennard 1st Month Celebration : )

1st Month - Lennard - 29 Aug 2009

1st Month - Lennard - 29 Aug 2009 1st Month - Lennard - 29 Aug 2009