Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Princess Sophie

Princess Sophie Loves Duck Duck...

Forgotten to take photo of duck ducks : P

Princess Sophie had a 3 Tier Cake with a Princess Tiara. We have cut out her favourite pink flowers and decorate with bees, mushroom, flowers.

We have a small castle for her pet 老鼠 : )

Happy Birthday Princess Sophie!

Princess - Sophie - 25 October 2009

Princess - Sophie - 25 October 2009

Princess - Sophie - 25 October 2009

Thomas Celebrates with Chloe!

Happy Birthday Chloe!

I didnt managd to take the cupcakes with Chloe name, train track, etc...

Here is Chloe's Thomas The Train Cake!

Thomas and Friends - Chloe - 25 October

Cute Little Ghosts...

Caleb having a party with the Cute Little Cupcakes : )


Halloween Cupcakes - 24 October 2009

Halloween Cupcakes - 24 October 2009

Pretty Cupcakes For Robyjnn!

Happy Birthday Robyjnn!

Girl Cupcakes - Rjpyjnn - 24 October 2009

Girl Cupcakes - Rjpyjnn - 24 October 2009

Princess Faith and Snow White

Princess Faith turning 6 Years Old!

She loves Snow White and Faith's mummy likes to have a Fresh Cream Cake for celebration.

Princess Faith cake is Chocolate Sponge with Blueberry Filling : )

As usually, I packed with heart shapes sprinkle, cut out names, many many heart shape etc for Princess Faith to decorate her cake.



Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachelle!

Little Rachelle celebrates with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty - Rachelle - 23 Oct 2009

Hello Kitty - Rachelle - 23 Oct 2009

Happy Birthday Kalista!

Kalista likes Dora : )

She is as sweet as Dora and loves Vanilla Cake and Strawberries!

Kalista's mummy wants to have 2 cakes for Little Kalista.

She source for the Dora Set for the school's celebration. They are very pretty and helps to enhance the cake!

I have gotten the Strawberry Shortcake characters for her home's celebration : )
Vanilla sponge and Strawberry filling with LOTS of Strawberries.

Happy Birthday Kalista! Wishing you Happiness Always and Cheery Everyday!

Kalista's cake for school

Dora - Kalista - 22 Oct 2009

Dora - Kalista - 22 Oct 2009

Strawberry Shorcake

Vanilla Sponge with Strawberry Filling!



Pretty Little Girl...

Lana's mummy wants a Blue and White Theme with touches of colour.

She has the little dress prepared for the celebration day and emailed me the picture to mould having the similar style.

Little Lana has a big round eye and very fair too!

Here's Lana, The Pretty Girl Birthday Cake : )

Pretty Girl - 21 Oct 20009


Thomas The Train for Travis!

Travis having a Thomas The Train and Friends on his cake.

Happy Birthday Travies!

Thomas The Train - Travis - 19 Oct 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Shannon's mummy wants all as much characters as possible on the cake.

I tried and left some space for her to add on more...

Princess - 17 Oct 2009

Princess - 17 Oct 2009

Think Long Term ...

A Project that we have to mould LOTs and LOTs of Pink Flowers!

I went specially to hunt for this Bright Pink Colour!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a while...

Hi All...

Am currently busy baking.

Please bear with me for delay in replying. I should be back drawing and replying emails by Monday's morning.

Am taking a break from 24 Dec 2009 - 10 Jan 2010. My apologies for not able to do bakes during this period. Hope to spend some time with my 3Rs...

Yes for December, we will be having some special bakes! Shall post up to share soon! Limited bakes as my calendar is getting packed :P

Meanwhile, for Dec 2009 and Jan 2010 request please give me some moment and I will do the confirmation by next week.

: ) Nee

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gong Gong & En En!

A cake specially for Gong Gong and En En : )

Train Cake - En En - 14 Oct 2009

Train Cake - En En - 14 Oct 2009


Baby Joash celebrated his 满月for 1 month! Thank You, M&J for having me to bake for Baby Joash!

Here's some photos of cupcakes and the Finale Cake to complete the celebration : )

Wishing Baby Joash 快高张大!





Bear Baby - Joash - 17 Oct 2009

Bear Baby - Joash - 17 Oct 2009

Under The Sea!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I enjoyed moulding the sea creatures so much : ) Thank You Ethan's Mummy for having me to do what is suitable for Under The Sea.

Under Water - Ethan - 13 Oct 2009

Under Water - Ethan - 13 Oct 2009 Under Water - Ethan - 13 Oct 2009
Under Water - Ethan - 13 Oct 2009 Under Water - Ethan - 13 Oct 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kurtis!

Kurtis's Mummy invites Winnie The Pooh and Friends to his party!

I like the Little Piglet... So cute : ) He is tiny and I got to mould him a place to sit : )

Happy Birthday Kurtis!

Winnie The Pooh - Kurtis - 11 Oct 2009

Winnie The Pooh - Kurtis - 11 Oct 2009


I need this last month and here's some pic from TK mummy to share.

Star - TK

Star - TK

Monday, October 12, 2009


Am baking COOKIES this weekend!

If you wish to have some, in container or pre pack in bags for parties, EMAIL Me : )

Party Pack Cookies - Xavier - 18 May 2009 Cut Out Cookies

Party Pack Cookies

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Rian!

With this amazing blog, I got to know a mummy recently who loves to plan for her children parties!

For Months, she would buzz me early in the morning with her new concept and theme.

After many many round of changes, she settled with Farm Theme with A Little Bus. This Little Bus is Rian's school logo and we piece them together to fit into the cake board...

Finally the BIG day has come and here's the cake...

See how happy Rian's is : ) This is all Rian's Mummy hard work and I start to miss her morning call. Haa Haaa....

Rian's Mummy told me that the WHOLE cake was polished up by 60 kids! 60 kids ate up the whole lot of cakes! This cake is 2 tier cake, 10" + 6" and bus is 6". Its quite a huge cake and they are KIDS! Haa haa... when we were planning we thought Rian may have to pack the Little Bus back home : P and he ended with only the cake board .... hee.....

***A SPECIAL Message ***

Happy Birthday Rian's Mummy!
May your days be filled with Happiness and All Wishes Come True!

Farm - Rian - 30Sept2009


Farm - Rian - 30Sept2009

Farm - Rian - 30Sept2009

Cupcakes for Little Friends and Teachers!