Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just before I had my youngest I was busy with this Baby named
Little Production Hse...

Am clearing all stocks out!

Mmm.. I not sure how should I post them up. Below are some of the picture of products. Please email me at : ) I have alot more items!

Great Craft Items if you have a Theme Party! Jungle Theme? Let the kids have some fun pasting the crafts up!

Garden Party for Little Girls? I like the Little Bugs alot... am keeping some for R2 n R3 parties but the rest of the bugs got to GO!

Price per pc about $2 - $3 depending on the design : )
lph_craft monkey lph_craft bee01
lph_craft bugs lph_craft lady bugs

Having a Night party? Make a Candle Light Holder! I don't have much of this left. Probably less then 20.
lph_craft candle

Hand Puppets! Suitable for Jungle Theme Party! I still have most of the animals but some animals are running low. Hand Puppets are able to fit in Daddy and Mummy's hand.

3 for $12!
lph_animal puppets

Mini Picture Me Book! They are palm size big and simply slot in yr little one photo!
Each at $3.50!
lph_xmas bookslph_xmas bookslph_xmas books

Junior Classic! Total of 8 titles. Full set of 8 titles - $16 (UP$5.90/book)
Heidi . WhiteFang . Robinson Crusoe . Treasure Island
Tom Sawyer . Robin Hood . Pocahontas . Gulliver's Travels
lph_junior classic lph_junior classic

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sunshine!

Ryan=R1 is a December baby.

December is school holiday period and he don't have a chance to celebrate his birthday in school/friends as everyone away from school or for holiday during the festive period.

SO this year we decide to celebrate early for him this year.... he invited some of his friends over and we had a mini party.

He does not want any decorations, just his name and a candle to represent he is 10. Oops.. yes I just discovered more white hair :P

No need text of "Happy Birthday" too! Just simple with his favourite choice of Chocolate Cake Sponge with Oreo Cream Cheese.

Happy Birthday Sunny Day : )

Oreo Cheese Cake - Ryan - 21 Nov 2009

Oreo Cheese Cake - Ryan - 21 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Jaxine!

Princess Jaxine 1st Birthday Party!

She is a sweet little girl and I had a great time moulding her with 哥哥和姐姐.

Happy Birthday Little Jaxine!

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

Princess Girl - Jaxine - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden!

Mmm... I have never seen this cartoon before!

Probably R1 and R2 already passed the baby stage and R3 is not keen on TV programme...

I went online to search for informationon them... the characters are cute. Hee... especially the 3 dolls standing together.

Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope you like the cake : )

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

In The Night Garden - Lauren - 21 Nov 2009

Hello Kitty House

Time flies and this is the 2nd time I bake for Little Jelaine : )

Jelaine's mummy hands me her collection of Hello Kitty and we design to have a Little Cute House for Jelaine 4th Birthday Cake.

Happy Birthday Jelaine : ) Wishing You Happiness and Cheery Always!

Hello Kitty - Jadline - 19 Nov 2009

Hello Kitty - Jadline - 19 Nov 2009

Ben 10 Cupcakes!

Ben 10 cupcakes for Keshawn! Happy Birthday!

Ben10 Cupcakes - 19 Nov 2009


Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

Princess Cheyenne celebrates her birthday in school with her little friends!

She loves Snow White and here's Snow White under the rainbow :P

Wishing Princess Happiness always!

Snow White - Chyenne - 19 Nov 2009

Snow White - Chyenne - 19 Nov 2009

Princess Shina!

Shina's mummy handed me so many Princess for decorations on cake!

Glad they are small and so cute...

Princess Shina had a 10" with castles to place all her little princess....

Thank you Shina's Mummy for entrusting me with the design : )

Princess Cake - Shina - 19 Nov 2009

Princess Cake - Shina - 19 Nov 2009

Grandma's Birthday Cake


My grandmother, my kids great grandmother celebrated her birthday last week... We were all busy preparing and forgotten to bring along our camera!

Dare not make Chocolate Cake or my Grandmother will question why 黑黑的!

So I decide to bake a Vanilla Sponge cake with Mango filling with touch of Passion Fruit filling...



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas ..

School holiday starting and Christmas is just round the corner.

My schedule is bursting with additional note tags for reminders and many reminders!

Christmas Gifts for this year will be Cookies and of course cupcakes ... I have no time to bake samples at all. You got to take risk! haa haaa

Do u wish for Chocolate Chip Cookies, Berries Berries Oat Meal Cookies or Lemon Crisp Mini Gingerbread Man. Packing them in the square transparent box with a little tag! Yes, Yes I am printing the little tags now! "T" do u see my posting here! I need the tags!

Xmas Cookies Box 2009

Gingerbread man Cookies

The Little Container for Cupcakes : )

Xmas Cupcake Pack Round 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Sarah

Sarah loves pretty flowers and butterflies...

We have many colourful daisies and butterflies for Princess Sarah.

Wishing Princess Sarah Happiness Always : )

Princess Castle-Sarah-15Nov2009

Princess Castle-Sarah-15Nov2009


A Very Special Request for a 1st Birthday!

Tyler's Mummy planning for a Domo's party! It's a very heavy cake with a "long rectangle".

Wishing Tyler A Very Happy Birthday!

Domo-Tyler-14 Nov 2009

Princess Anvi!

Princess Anvi prefer orange to chocolate!

The Cake Sponge was Orange with touch of Chocolate for her celebration!

Anvi's Mummy like to have a similar Princess Sophie' cake I did recently. We change the colour to match the theme of Pink and Purple. Happy Birthday Princess Anvi!

Princess Tiara-Anvi-14Nov2009

Princess Tiara-Anvi-14Nov2009

Aeolus is 1

Wishing Aeolus Happiness Always!



Princess Reene and Rhea

We have a cake with Minnie Mouse's Top Tier and Mermaid Ariel's Bottom Tier for Princess Reene and Rhea.

Wishing Princesses Filled with Happiness and Sweet Moment...

Princess Castle-Rhea-14Nov2009

Princess Castle-Rhea-14Nov2009

So Sweet...

J and Colleagues arrange a surprise for S and L's wedding Anniversary.

Was a very last minture and I spent my time moulding the couple with the description J provides me : )

Happy Anniversary : )

Wedding Anni-June-12Nov2009


Ben10 Celebrates with Brendan

Happy Birthday Brendan!

Brendan's Mummy arranged for Ben 10 to celebrate this special occassion!

Will be preparing for Brendan's younger sister Princess cake later : )


Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear All,

My apologies for being slow in replying as I am tied up in the kitchen.

I will reply all emails soonest possible... probably by Monday.

Am working out January - February, please bear with me and shall revert soon : )


chi nee

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Princess Cake for Cousin Yueling!

Am going to have a busy November!

My fridge going to be packed for celebration every Saturday from this wk onwards.

Yueling's my little cousin, I have lots of little cousin : )

The cake is 10" diameter and is 6"+- in height. Cake is "stuff" with lots of Princess, balloons, flowers... etc etc etc! A very crowded cake!

The kids didnt even give me a space or chance to take a pic. Here's the very blur pic we managed to take!

Princess Fresh Cream-Yueling-7Nov2009

Happy Birthday Yuzhe!

Bear Bear for Yuzhe.

Yuzhe's mummy wants to have a pastel looking cake with Bear which I did for Jonash 2 months back.

Here's Yuzhe's Bear Bear.

A special combo... the cake is Chocolate and layer with vanilla buttercream + cherries + rum.

Bear Fondant Cake - Yuzhe - 8Nov2009

Brendan and Cheyenne : )

Brendan and Cheyenne's Mummy having a Great Birthday Bash!

We try to match colour of balloons and cakes : )

Happy Birthday Breadan and Cheyenne!




Oops... here's the doggies! Lots of them attending the party. Mmm... the cookies are not the crispy type, soft with crunch from the cereals and taste of Horlicks! Maybe we shall try Milo next time :)

Doggy Cookies