Tuesday, March 30, 2010

25 March 2010

11 years ago, 25 March we had our wedding held at this place.

11 years now, 25 March 2010, we delivered this special order to a customer at the same place.

With RP and my Auntie's help, we prepared them for days. RP and I had sleepless night working on these cupcakes and we are glad they turn out well. 阿姨们,谢谢!

Thank You, S and H for giving us this wonderful experience working with you! A great team to work with : )

On 25 March 2011, I will be taking leave! hee...

ps. am very late replying LOTS of EMAILS! please bear with me and I will reply asap.



Little Prince

We started working with Craiden's mummy choices of colours, shapes etc for his 1st Birthday end last year!

The cake turn out simple and attractive! I love the simple choice of colours and shapes.

Specially for Little Prince... Craiden.

Happy Birthday!


Hello Kitty!

Shannon's mummy is waiting for me to post up the photo : )
Here's Shannon Hello Kitty Birthday cake!
Wishing Little Shannon A Very Happy Birthday!

Happy Family...

So nice of Li Ling's sister has arranged for a Happy Family cake for Li Ling.

We have 3 little happy piggies in this cosy house....

Happy Birthday Li Ling!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Jungle Cake!

Happy Birthday Megan!


Princess Lovelle!

Happy Birthday Princess Lovelle!


Hawaii Theme!

A cake filled with happiness and colours!

Happy Birthday Enaya! Enaya's mummy wants her princess cake to be bright and cheery : )



Sesame Street with Joachim!

Joachim's mummy sharing with me Joachim's favourite colour is purple and loves the brown elephant in Sesame Street : )

He enjoys music and we have the top tier cake into a drum and with lots of music notes.

Wishing Joachim a very Happy Birthday!

Sesame St-Joachim-20March2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Am in kitchen...

I will be in the kitchen for the next few days and slow in responding emails....

Would appreciate your kind understanding and I shall get back say end of this week.

: ) nee

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Kimberly is 1! Wishing Kimberly a Very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!


Specially for Grace's Mummy

December last year,Grace contacted me and would like to have Little Nonya Theme Cake for her mum.
After much discussion, we start working on a single tier cake with cupcakes.
With Grace's photo, I tried matching the blue colour as close and moulding the pink flowers on cake.
Here's Grace's mummy Little Nonya Cake. Wishing Auntie A Very Happy Birthday!


Ben 10 Celebrates!

Ben 10 and gang celebrates with Kurt!

Kurt's mummy has been so excited about Kurt's birthday and would like to have a Ben 10 cake.

The cake is 10" + 6", two tier cake with Ben 10 and friends attending!

She has arranged for some cupcakes to serve her big group of guests.

Wishing Kurt a very Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Megann!

Megann's turn 4!

Baking and decorating has brought me much joy! Knew Megann's mummy through Megann's last year order, subsequently for her little baby 1st month and now Megann's 4th Birthday Cake!

This year Megann would like to have Peppa Pig! We had a garden theme lst year and this year we did something difference having a beach theme.

Having the little fishes swimming, starfish smiling, pretty jellyfish... a very happy scene : )

Wishing Megann A Very Happy Birthday! Keep your pretty long curly hair and bright eyes sparkle always!



Pocoyo and Friends!

Alicia's Mummy invites Pocoyo and all friends!

I enjoyed moulding the little pink elephant : )

Thank You Alicia's mummy email for your encouragement, very happy and will work harder!

Wishing Little Alicia A Very Happy Birthday!



Alicia's Mummy arranged some cupcakes for her friends : )


Bob The Builder and Friends!

Siang Hoe's mummy invited Bob The Builder and Friends to attend his party!

Siang Hoe would like to decorate his cake and I have packed the decoration in another boxe with more stones, traffic light etc for him to build his own cake!

Happy Birthday Siang Hoe!

Bob The Builder-Siang Hoe-6March2010

Baby Full Month!

M ordered cupcakes for her little few months back and she called me recently to prepare some cupcakes as gift to her friend. So sweet of her : )

I finally get to use my new cutters, they are so cute and neat for the cupcakes. Using baby blue, yellow and touch of pink for the Specially Baby Boy.

Full Moon Celebration

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

R2&R3-Fresh Cream Cake-2010
It's not a good week for me as Ann Ann was down with very high fever. She went A&E for a quick check and now resting at home. Am glad her fever is down and start talking! Yes, she lost her voice too. Took her jab last Monday but fever only comes few days later... or perhaps too much new year goodies?

We went ahead with the party cum new year celebration as we do not wished to disappoint Rhylyn.

Reann's birthday always coincides around the new year period, this is the 1st time she had her birthday celebration! Though not well, she enjoyed herself with so many uncle and auntie fussing around her.

Happy Birthday Sweeties...

Tinker Bell!

Justine's mummy would like to have a Fairy Cake...

I enjoyed alot while decorating Justine's cake, the Fairy Cake is decorated with very soft colour, with cutting out of lots of flowers : )

It's simple but with touch of details on the cake.

Happy Birthday Justine!

Thank you Justine's mummy being so understanding on working out of cake size.


Justine had 2 parties! These cupcakes are for school celebration. We have maintain the soft colour theme with touch of lilac and different type of flower to decorated the cupcakes.


Transformer - The Bad Guy!

Francis turns 7!
Last year I baked a Transformer cake for Francis but with the Good Guy. This year he is going to have a birthday cake with Bad Guy. As usual, I brought R1 along with me to hunt for the Bad Guy.
We were lucky! R1 spotted the Bad Guy and the right size : )
Here's Francis Bad Guy Cake. Happy Birthday Francis!
Thank You Francis's Daddy & Mum for your support! Looking forward to Teresa's birthday theme : )

Hello Kitty!

Kyvia's mummy invites Hello Kitty for Kyvia's 1st Party!

Mummy would like the cake to be classic looking with elements of Hello Kitty, especially the apples! They are so cute :)

A 2 tier cake and cupcakes to celebrate Kyvia's birthday!

Hello Kitty Cake-Kyvia-27Feb2010

Hello Kitty Cupcakes-Kyvia-27Feb2010

Last Posting

These cupcakes were baked just before Chinese New Year.

Kayden's Daddy took a risk and tried my bakes! Haa Haaa... am glad that he was happy with the design and bakes. Very encouraging text which he smses me : ) Thank You.

Happy Birthday Kayden!

Dino Cupcakes-Kayden-12Feb2010

Dino Cupcakes-Kayden-12Feb2010