Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Non Bakes Related...

Am doing some clearance on Art and Crafts Items... going at $1.50 / piece.

lph_craft monkey lph_craft bee01
lph_craft bugs lph_craft lady bugs
lph_craft candle
$2 each! Hand Puppets! Suitable for Jungle Theme Party!
lph_animal puppets
$2 each Mini Picture Me Book! They are palm size big and simply slot in yr little one photo!
lph_xmas bookslph_xmas bookslph_xmas books

Junior Classic! Total of 8 titles. Full set of 8 titles - $16 (UP$5.90/book)Heidi . WhiteFang . Robinson Crusoe . Treasure IslandTom Sawyer . Robin Hood . Pocahontas . Gulliver's Travelslph_junior classic lph_junior classic

Monday, April 26, 2010

Specially for Lucinda..

Happy Birthday Lucinda!

Thank you for having me to bake for your Special Day!

Wishing you 永远青春,美丽!



The Farm..

Happy Birthday Gwen!



Little Miffy...

Little Miffy Specially for Enya!

Wishing Enya a very Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday Ashton!

Thank you Ashton's mummy to have me baking for little Ashton's party.

Glad you like it and stay in touch : )




Precious Moment

A sweet looking cake for little Frances...


Specially for Brayden!

Thomas and Friends celebrates with Brayden!
Wishing Little Brayden a very Happy Birthday!

Specially for Princess Kaydes

A simple and classic cake for Princess Kaydes...


Marshmallow Man!

A Little Korean Girl for Ida's little Girl : )

Thanks Ida, for sharing with me the video, am totally clueless about Marshmallow Man.

Wishing Andreeya A Very Happy Birthday!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Am attending to some personal matters and not able to do baking for Month of May.

Bakes which confirmed (with deposit) will be bake as planned.

I have many bakes not posted for the past few weeks and to do so soon. Here wishing everyone a very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!

Hope to take this chance having a break and spend time with kids ; )

Thank you all so much for the many enquiries and I really appreciate.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Princess Castle!

A Princess Cake for Princess Calise and Chole!

Happy Birthday!



Specially for Nathan!



We have Regan and Issac celebrating their birthday!

Happy Birthday Regan and Issac!

Sesame St-Issac-10April2010


Monday, April 5, 2010

Princess Dana!

Dana's mummy planned a Grand Party for Princess Dana.

Princess Dana loves Wiggles and would like to have it on her cake with rainbow.

I received the below photo from Dana's Mummy the 2nd day after party! It was very well taken and am glad the party went very well too.

Princess Dana has arrangd for a DIY Cupcake Party! We had the cupcakes ready and Princess Dana Little Friends would just need to select their favourite items to affix on their cupcake!

Thank you for having me to bake for Princess Dana : ) Wishing Dana A Very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!



Bob Builder and Wendy at Water Carnival!

Cracking my head for Elliot's cake.

Finally we have a 8" square cake with the 3D flags, floats, balls, etc...

We were so engrossed with the baking and decorating, totally forgotten to take photos for cupcakes!

Here's Elliot cake and Wishing Elliot a very Happy Birthday!


Little Miffy!

Sweet Little Miffy!

Miffy is one of R2 and R3 favourite cartoon characters. : )

When I received an email from W's mummy I was abit concern, the simpler the character is, does not meant it's easier to mould... I need to have a smooth surface for Sweet Little Miffy.

Am glad it went well and hope W's mummy likes the cake and cupcakes.

Wishing Little W a Very Happy birthday!




Hello Kitty!

Teresa is 4 : )!

Last year I baked a Minnie Mouse cake with lots of pink for little Teresa. This year we have more colours to the cake : )

I would like to Thank, Teresa's mummy for entrusting me with the design of cake.

Wishing Teresa Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!


Barnyard Cake

Matthias is born in the Year of Moo Moo Cow and we have a Moo Moo Cow sitting at base of cake.

Matthias 's mummy invites lots of guests together with Sesame Street Characters to celebrate his 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Matthias! Wishing you Happiness Always!


Spider Man!

Happy Birthday Zhi De!

Spider man is at home with Zhi De... awaiting for him to deco his cake : )


Happy Birthday!

A Great Celebration at home for Jerone and Kerlynn!