Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Hailey!

Wishing you Happiness Everyday!



Great Celebrations!

Benjamin and Shodai are Great Friends and decide to have a joint birthday party.

Benjamin having Ben 10 and Shodai having Pokemon. Both cake are bright with attractive colours!

Wishing Benjamin and Shodai a very 4th Happy Birthday!



At the Playground...

Thank you Jadon's mummy for having me to bake. Am glad you like the cake!

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate them :)

Jadon the Little Prince is playing at the playground with his friends! A Moo Moo cow to represent the Year he is born in : )

Happy Birthday Jadon!


Winx Club!

Specially for Amisha!

Amisha's mummy told me last year cake was not enough for the little kids and this year Amisha having a much Bigger Cake!

Winx Club is Amisha's favourite charactee and w have it in Princess Theme, with pink and many colourful flowers.

Happy Birthday Amisha!

Winx Club-Amisha-7May2010

Barnyard Cake!

Jonas's mummy wish to have a Barnyard Cake for Jonas!

The fresh cream cake is 10" and I have mould many animals for her to DIY :)

Happy Birhday Jonas!




Hello Kitty!

It has been a Hello Kitty Craze for the past few weeks!

Here's a colourful Kitty for Carmen!

Happy Birthday Carmen!


Jungle Junction!

Happy Birthday Darius! Darius's mummy for having me to bake again for this year party.

This is my 2nd time moulding Jungle Junction and glad the moulding went smooth and well. I have bake some cookies too as party packs and didnt managed to take pic!

Thank you Darius's mummy for your kind understanding : ) I was slow to response busy baking and preparing to move. Wishing Darius Happiness Always!



New Addtion to the NG's Family!

Here's the NG Family to be place on a fresh cream cake.

Thank you Reeyern's Daddy and Mummy for having me to bake for their little ones : )

Congratulations and Welcome the arrival of your little Princess.




Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing up....

Finally... I have finished baking all the cookies : )

Kids having exam this week and we are getting ready to shift. Of course, I am bringing along my precious oven who works hard and long hours with me for the past few days.

With the cookies baked, decorated and packed... my body is aching and think am falling sick :(

Will reply all emails, before I start to pack all the STUFFS in cartons and cartons. Please bear with me with the slow reply and do feel free to email or contact me to discuss on the cake.

O, I have got a new media to share pictures! I am still playing around with Facebook, add me - pinkgingerbynee@hotmail.com

Many more photos to share, but upload them soon. Here's M cousin having her wedding celebration in Singapore.

Thank you M for having me to bake.



Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Einsteins!

Happy Birthday Arron!

Arron had 2 celebration with Little Einsteins!

Little Einsteins Cupcakes-Arron-20April2010


Celebration in The Farm!

A called me and wished to have a special theme for his colleagues.

After much consideration, he settled for a farm theme and we have a barn house and cupcakes in piggy and sheep sitting on the huge cake base.

Thank you for having me to bake! I shall reserve the "date" for your the day k : )



Tweenty Bird!

Kayla's mummy emailed me some photos with Tweenty Bird. She would like want to have the cake simple and classic looking with Tweenty Bird in the cage.

Managed to paint the cage gold and have Tweenty Bird in it!

Happy Birthday Kayla!


Princess Lavelle!

Happy Birthday Princess Lavelle!

Princess Lavelle had a 2 tier cake for her celebration at home with family and friends.

Princess Lavelle celebrates at School with cupcakes!
Cupcakes-Lavelle-24April2010 Cupcakes-Lavelle-24April2010
Cupcakes-Lavelle-24April2010 Cupcakes-Lavelle-24April2010