Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Kitty!

Ethel celebrates her birthday with Hello Kitty and Friends!

Happy Birthday Ethel : )

Hello Kitty-Ethel-21August2010


Yan Yee wish to celebrate with Angelina this year!

Last year we had a colourful theme and we have Angelina in pink, little ballet shoes, tiara etc for Yan Yee!

Wishing Yan Yee Happiness Always!



Monday, August 30, 2010


am out of the kitchen for a while.

though have some more bakes to do but it's nice to be out the kitchen : )

I am replying emails now...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



For the past 1 month I am having problem with my email accounts...

I am not sure what actually happens. We tried switching to gmail and yet now back to my hotmail (chineetan@hotmail.com) account.

It's seems that everything is running ok at this moment... HOWEVER I am NOW searching for emails which I have not replied and got to reply!

Currently trying to tally past few weeks emails looking out for missing emails. This is taking up so much time : ( At the same time, this is a very very very busy month, I am stuck in the kitchen like forever and hand on fondant all the time.

Please bear with me... do sms me if u need a reply asap (I send out emails with my hp no.) and I will reply when I can use my computer.

I am looking forward to September.. finishing some bakings and need to take a break soon.


chi nee

*o yes, my facebook- pinkgingerbynee@hotmail.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Princess with Moo Moo

Happy Birthday Talia!

Wishing Talia Happiness Always!



Sweet Precious Moment...

Time flies... 1 year ago I was busy with Janelle's full month celebration and now I am baking her 1st birthday cake.

Janelle's mummy provides me with the Precious Moment figurine. It's so sweet... the design of Precious Moment is simple and I work with pastel pink and lilac to decorate them.

I have a big fresh cream cake for the fondant cake to rest on : )

Didn't managed to take a pic and hope I can share the pic if I have them 1 day.

Wishing Little Janelle a very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!


Barnyard Cake!

Little Clarence Barnyard's cake!

Glad to receive message from Clarence's Mummy they like the cake : )

Wishing Clarence Happiness Always!


Rainbow Fairy..

Am given very short time to prepare the Rainbow Fairy cake...

With some information from R2 I managed to work on the Musical Fairies.

Hope Faith will like the cake : ) Wishing Faith a very Happy Birthday!


Chole and Cheryl

Last year I bake for little Chole 1st Birthday and this year she is celebrating with her little sister Cheryl!

Not forgetting Chole and Cheryl's mummy celebrates her birthday in the same week!

Happy Birthday to Mummy and Girls!


Ben 10

Jensen is 7!

Happy Birthday Jensen!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue and White...

I had a very long conversation with Wan Qian on the colours she likes to have.

Sometimes, we can't achieve certain colours due natural colour of fondant base...

So we have to use ribbon to enhance and decorate tke cake to achieve the effect.

I dont have much chance to play with such colours and this is such a unique cake.

The "pearls" are brush with pearl dust and shines! Am glad I found them in time.

Thank you Wan Qian with your sms... glad u like it and stay forever 21!


Elmo Song

La La La La... La La La La...

Saw the little box on the left... it supposed to play Birthday Song for Little Reanne when she opens the box cover : )

Reanne likes to watch her VCD Elmo at Bath. So the Daddy and Mummy, hand me the print and I mould as close...

Thank you Reanne Daddy and Mummy for having me to bake, Wishing Reanne a very Happy Birthday and Happiness Always!


For a special Girl...

Layla's cake colour is not the usual pink... It's a gentle orange with touch of bright orange flowers.

Thank you Layla's mummy entrusting me with the cake, I hope we had more time to work on... however it was a crazy 2 weeks with short wkday.

Wishing Layla a very Happy Birthday!


These Cookies are so pretty : )

Claire turns 5!

Claire's mummy arranged for a grand celebration for Claire with her favourite Princesses.

Wishing Claire Happiness Always!



Issac is 1

I bake for little Issac's sister, Sarah a cake last year.

I was abit rush and didnt go through much discussion. This year, we are well prepared to celebrate Issac 1st Birthday!

Thomas The Train for Issac! Wishing Issac Happiness Always!


Fireworks Cake

I officially name this cake "The Fireworks Cake".

Ryan's mummy told me that while she and Ryan was browsing through my blog for a cake. He wanted the Firework's Cake...

I thought this is such a nice name and fitted into the occassion when I was baking... This cake was bake and decorate over the National Day period....

Thank you Ryan for giving this cake such a exiciting name and wishing you Happiness always!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Teacher's Day 2010

Teacher's Day is just round the corner 1st September...

I have few requests for Teacher's Day and prepared some samples!

Am bringing some cupcakes to Sengkang/Punggol area on the 30 August's night... so if you are staying in the area, we can meet up!

Cupcakes can be kept till 31 August for kids to bring school. Cookies keep for up to 4 days. The cookies are sealed in a plastic bag before arranging into the box to stay crisp.

As I am preparing the container for cupcakes and cookies please email me if you wish to have them : )

Teacher's Day 2010

Cupcake in Container

Cookies Pack
Lemon Butter Cookies, decorate with colourful sprinkle and the rest are plain.
Jungle-Jayden-31July2010 Jungle-Jayden-31July2010

Happy National Day!


An exciting week...

This is a late potsing...

Last Year, I did for Jayden and Shervalle combined birthday party...

This year they having a combined party again! Proposed a few theme, J&S's mummy selected Carnival and Jungle Theme!

Am Thankful for Jayden and Shervalle mummy trust to create the Carnival and Jungle Theme.

Wishing Jayden and Shervalle Happiness Always!

Circus-Sher&Jayden-31July2010 Carnival-Jayden &Shervalle-31July2010

Jayden's Birthday Cake at School : )
Jungle-Jayden-31July2010 Jungle-Jayden-31July2010

Monday, August 2, 2010


Heart Cookies

Heart Cookies Heart Cookies Heart Cookies

A Car Theme....

CarTheme-Avinash-31July2010 CarTheme-Avinash-31July2010
CarTheme-Avinash-31July2010 CarTheme-Avinash-31July2010

Princess Clarissa...

We have a Cinderella in Castle for Princess Clarissa!

For a Handsome Boy...

Nat's mummy emailed me her very handsome son's photo to mould : )
Nat is in the same year as Ryan. He seems so much more matured then my Ryan! Or perhaps Ryan is always a baby to me : P
Here's Nat in his favourite sport! Wishing Nat a very Happy Birthday!



I met Darly this morning, he is so cute... : )
I love babies!
BabyFullMonth_Darly-31July2010 Cupcake Tier

Farewell Cupcakes..

Cupcakes specially for colleagues...


NewsTeam-XianHui-31July2010 NewsTeam-XianHui-31July2010

Ethan is 1!

Litte Ethan's mummy want a simple jungle theme cake with cupcakes for Ethan 1st Birthday.
Moulded the Moo Moo cow, monkey and giraffe : ) sitting on the 7" cake.
Thank you Ethan's mummy for the sms and glad u like the cake+cupcakes.
Wishing Ethan a very Happy Birthday!