Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh Cream Cake!

Jayden's mummy will always let me know her thought for her kid's cake.

I would then got to crack my head hoping to achieve what she likes to have. This time we have a vanilla sponge with strawberry filling! I decorated with marshmallow, strawberries and donuts!


Happy Birthday Esther! Mini Cookies around Cookie Monster!
Esther Ang - Cookies Monster Cake

I finally got the pic of Janelle's Cake! The top tier is a fondant cake and below is fresh cream cake!
Precious Moment - Janelle - 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Toy Room...

It's play time for Aylwin! He has his favourite toys and balls on his cake.

Happy Birthday Alylwin : )



Toy Story!

Specially for Zenden!

Ran out of ideas! Was scratching my head for this theme! Something bright and cheery!

Mmm... let's have sweets and lots of them! I understand from Zenden's mother the cupcakes are too small (err....) and all eaten up! Though we have cater much more cupcakes for the class, the teachers have to give up their share for kids asking for 2nd helping : )

Happy Birthday Zenden!

Toy Story3 Cupcakes - Zenden - 28August2010

Toy Story3 Cupcakes - Zenden - 28August2010

Happy Birthday!

A Grand Party for Raeann!

R Cookies

Monday, September 6, 2010


Has been very tiring for past few weeks. I stayed in the kitchen longer then in my bedroom...

It's school holiday now and the kids are not going to school this wk! : )

I am taking few days break in between, hoping to recharge my energy level.

I fulfilled many last minute request and result pending many design + emails to reply : (

Really appreciate your kind understanding.. Am just a mummy who bakes, I enjoyed every moment decorating the cakes, though sometimes I do hope to have more time lazing on the couch watching TV on a Friday nite.

Thur - Sat are the crazy few days for me! Baking, Baking and decorating for collection on Fri and Sat. Sunday is the day for cleaning up, preparing the kids for school (AGAIN), laundry to wash, packing etc etc... before the week starts again.

O.. I have been moulding bunnies! Lots of them, I dreamt of them even while sleeping too!

Thank you Princess Cate's mummy to have me bake for Cate 1st Month Celebration! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to work out a nice box for the cupcakes! I have been wanting to do so.. but laziness! HaHaa... am glad the boxes fit well, with tag and the pretty ribbon : )

Not forgetting Princess Cate's sister, Cara celebrating her 3rd birthday! We were hoping to find Dora dressing in Hawaii Theme, I remembered seeing them all around and volunteer to buy for Princess Cara! I am WRONG! Went every departmental store in East from Parkway to Tampines, no stocks :P. When u need it, u can't find it!

Best wishes to Princess Cate and Wishing Princess Cara Happiness Always!




Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rianne is 2!

Last Year Rianne's had a sweet looking cake for her 1st party.

This year Rianne's mummy wants to have a bright and cheery cake with a touch of sweetest.

After some discussions, we decide to have a yellow and pink cake with drapes... adding in some little pets on the cake.

Happy Birthday little Rianne!