Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caleb is 4!

Caleb has slightly long hair now and he looks really good : )

Thank you Caleb's mummy and daddy coming late to pick up the cake and cupcakes!

I was so busy with baking, moulding and with my hubby's help we quickly pack the cupcakes up into the little containers, simply no time to take photo : (

Glad you guys like the cake and many thanks for sharing the photo with me!

Wishing Caleb Happiness Always!

Ben10 Cupcakes - Caleb

Batman Cake - Caleb

Hi 5

Times flies and Ashleigh is 4!

Last year Ashleigh had a Pink Party! This year we have a Hi5 Theme cake with lots of stars and bright cheery colours.

I moulded little Ashleigh's hair up as the photo and hope she likes it!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Errr.... am not sure what's the name for this little purple creature!

Must check with R1 and R2 again for it's name. This little purple creature is Amanda's favourite character in Pokemon.

Amanda's mummy brought along the little soft toy and I managed to take a picture of it. This little purple creature supposed to have 5 leaves and am so glad there managed to "stand" well on the head : )

Wishing Amanda a very Happy Birthday!


Sailor Moon...

These few photos posted now was baked few weeks back, I was so busy in kitchen and with kids. Finally have my hand on the computer....

I baked these cake and cupcakes in September, Amelie's mummy made the bunting for the boat and hand it to me to afix into the boat. Her work is so neat and materials selected was just perfect to suit her theme : )

Amelie's mummy selected few design for her cupcakes and they are stunning with the just white, red and blue.

Thank your Amelie's mummy for sharing with me her photos and wishing Amelie's happiness always!




Doraemon Theme for Ziqing!

Wishing Ziqing Happiness Always : )


Toy Story

Verine is 4!

Verine's mummy found almost all the characters for Toy Story! She had even the "baby" : )

Happy Birthday Verine!

Toy Story-Verine-5Sept2010