Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Candy Land!

A very sweet looking cake for a sweet sweet girl : )


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Kitty!

Thank you so much Abrielle's mummy for emailing me the cake and cupcakes pic taken at the party.

I could feel the happy occasion with the photo : ) It's always so diff for me to take at home and at the actual celebration location. The HAPPY mode is ON at the party!

Here's the Hello Kitty Cake! Abrielle's mummy had collected some figurines and we placed them almost all onto the cake!

Wishing Abrielle Happiness Always!


Hello Kity Cake & Cupcakes

Perfect 10!

Perfect 10 Friendship!

So sweet of Pauline to have order the cupcakes for her Perfect Friend : )

It's really last minute and am happy to do so since I am baking another batch for another mummy. They are simple moulding and glad to hear Pauline and Friend likes them.

Cheers to 10.10.10 Friendship!

Perfect 10 Cupcakes

SpongeBob and Friends!

Oops! This cake was bake and deco long long ago ...

Evan turns 1! I enjoyed moulding the Spongebob and other characters... They are my Sunshine's favourite characters before. They are still his favourite cartoons though watching lesser and spending more time on his computers!!!

I baked and moulded many cupcakes too but as usual didn't take pic! Maybe the next time...



Pretty Sisters!

Aria and Naia's birthday are pretty near each other and I am very happy to be able to bake for the pretty sisters : )

Aria and Naia's mummy emailed me some picture and wish to have diff position, hair style to beautify the cake.

Am glad there turn out pretty and glad they like it.




Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's Go!

A cake with buses and cars : )

Bus Cake

Bus Cake


So sweet... Mandy's friend ordered a cake for her Piggy Birthday Celebration : )

Piggies Cake-Mandy

Hungry Caterpillar!

I enjoyed alot moulding Xue Le's cake. In fact I was excited to know the theme will be on Hungry Capterpillar!

Glad to know Xue Le's Daddy and Mummy likes the cake : )

Stay in touch!

Hungry Caterpillar - Xue Le

Hello Kitty!

A party with Hello Kitty and Friends!

Hello Kitty Cake -


My v v v late posting.

Chermaine 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Cars - Chermaine