Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...

Mikayla has a very cute theme party! Buzz Buzz The Bee!

I enjoyed alot when preparing her cake and love the colours : )

Very glad to hear Mikayla's mummy and family likes the Buzz Buzz cake!

Wishing Mikayla Happiness Always!

Bee Cakes_Mikayla_19March2011

Princess Presto!

Thank You Zoe's Mummy for having me to bake for Zoe again this year....

We communicated for a long long while, dilly dlly and finally back to basic.

Just a 2D face of Princess Presto! Glad Zoe's Mummy and family like the cake and I will put double portion cream for your next time! hee hee..

Happy Birthday Zoe! Take more photos with your pretty smile :)

Princess Presto Cake!

Hand Size Heart Shape Cookies!

I am in Jungle...

Happy Birthday Jayden!


Classic Jungle_Jayden_19March2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For My Princess...

My Princess R2, turns 9 this year : )

She loves cat, all sort of cats. She has this very dear cat that daddy gotten for her when she was age 2 and the cat has since stuck with her till now.

We been hoping to find this soft toy for a long long while but think no longer in production. The cat is actually from 1 of Barbie Stories, 1 of the pet character. She has a name in the show but I am not too sure of the name :P This orange + white cat is now Kitty Cat!

Happy Birthday sweetie!

This is specially for her and friends.

Photobucket Sweets-R2-12March2011
Mini Burger and Mini Pizza
My Princess Birthday Cake
Sweets-R2-12March2011 Sweets-R2-12March2011

I like it!

Thank you Caleb's Daddy and Mum for having me to bake. Thank you too for giving me the free hand to do what I like with the colours and design.

It's a simple cake but I love the colours. The cake look bright and good looking!

Caleb's mummy told me 12 little kids almost finised up the whole cake! Haha.. that makes me very happy :)

Happy Birthday Caleb!



Monday, March 14, 2011


James's daddy and mummy invited Thomas and Friends to his party!

He has so many of the trains! James The Train is the main character right at the top of cake with Thomas, Percy etc etc...

Happy Birthday James! Glad to know James's mummy likes the cake : )



A Lilac Theme Wedding Cake : ) specially for A&M


Pretty Princess

Happy Birthday Princess Hershey!


I can Fix IT!

Matthias celebrates his birthday with Bob The Builder and Thomas & Friends!

Oops! Train not with me... it's at home with Matthias : )

Happy Birthday Matthias! Glad you like the cake!



Elmo is at Brayden 1st yr old party!

Brayden's mummy celebrated the occasion with many friends and relatives. She has a cut out no.1 cake and a 2 tier 10" and 6" cake.

Wishing Brayden a very Happy Birthday!

Thank you Brayden's mummy for the sms : )