Monday, April 18, 2011

Chloe is 3!

A bright and colourful cake for little Chloe this year!

The tentage can rotate but again I do not know how to post up... This rotating thing is a great fun to be have on cake. Thank you Chloe's mummy for having me to bake.

Happy Birthday Chloe! Wishing you Happiness Always!


Cupcakes for little friends at school!

Go! Go! Go!

I seldom post fresh cream cake pic... afterall I am having a normal size fridge and do not wish to take the risk to move it in and out just to take a pic of it.

Thank you L for sending me the pic! Glad you and family like it!


Ah Ma and Cheen Yee!

Thank you Cheen Yee's mummy for having me to bake for her family!

A barnyard theme to shows their Chinese horoscope. Happy Birthday 婆婆and Cheen Yee!


Teresa is 5!

I really appreciate every email and chance mummies having me to bake for their little ones. Thank you v much. This is the 3rd year I am baking for Teresa! Very glad that I am able to bake for Teresa's 5th birthday : )

Wishing Teresa a very Happy Birthday!


Princess XinYu

Thank you Xin Yu's mummy for your message and photo.

Wishing Xin Yu a very Happy Birthday!